About Penngrove Hub

Penngrove Hub is a place where family and friends can shop local and join community workshops for a fun evening.

We are a thrift store by day, and by night – we transform our treasure floor into a hub where people of all ages can learn how to let out your creative side. You may want to make a gift for some one, learn something new, become more social & meet new friends or even take home your creations to decorate your home. Whatever you dream, we offer a variety of work shops and classes every month. 

Our Founder

Angela Faustino

Angela Faustino

Owner & Class Director

Angela Faustino, Owner & Class Director of Penngrove Hub has been a Penngrovian for over 35 years. The Faustino home, located in the heart of Penngrove, is walking distance from their thrift store. Angela lives with her husband & their two children, ages 7 & 12 in their second generation home. Both children are growing up in the same house Angela did as a child. They have many family traditions that are being passed down to their children and friends. Their family enjoys making memories each day to add to their new adventures.
Come join the fun where we are…

Thrifty By Day, and Crafty By Night!